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ReDesign Your Life by Crushing the Limiting Beliefs Online Course

The online course is created for people who are serious about making a difference in their lives, and who want to break free from limiting beliefs and redesign the life they desire. The content of the course is an integration of Neurolinguistic Programming, Habit Change Methodology, The Law of Attraction, Art Therapy, and Positive Psychology 

Learn more about this course here.

27.99 CAD

Courage, Risks and Rewards Online Course

In this online course, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This course will open new doors to exciting opportunities! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COURSE HERE.

29.99 CAD

The Ultimate 12-month Self-care Routine

How are you? Really? Or are you checking off the to-do list and making sure everyone is taken care of? Perhaps you feel guilty just by thinking about putting your needs ahead of others? You can't pour from an empty glass. 

This E-book will show you how to build new self-care habits, one month at a time so you are not overwhelmed (because I know your plate is already full). 

39.99 CAD

The Art of Assertiveness: stand up for your rights (with workbook)

Tired of being pushed around? Do you feel "small" because your opinions don't matter? Do you feel guilty for saying "no" to people?

I was there. 

Assertiveness is more than just a communication style. Assertiveness is self-respect, it's to protect your dignity and allow you to be the true you!

The Art of Assertiveness: stand up for your rights will teach you how to communicate in an assertive manner so you can stand up for yourself and express your needs and wants without fear or guilt. 

Learn more about this ebook HERE.

27.99 CAD

Turning Life Challenges into Opportunities

Life challenges are not roadblocks. They are opportunities for growth if you know how to get them to work to your advantage.

In this ebook, I will show you the foundation of overcoming life challenges and turning them into opportunities for greater success. 

17.00 CAD

One-One Private Coaching Session

Start with a 20-minute Discovery Call to explore your unique challenges and identify what changes you like to see. Follow by a Personalized Session that targets the development of new and healthy pathways in achieving your dreams and goals.  

150.00 CAD

Jumpstart Coaching Package

No more "I wish I could..." and get into action NOW. I will help you get crystal clear on what is holding you back from reaching your goals and develop a step-by-step roadmap for you to follow so you will feel great again! 

This coaching package includes:

  • An initial 30-minute consultation to determine your unique challenges
  • Weekly virtual meetings (45 minutes each for 2 months) to work toward building your self-confidence and reaching your goals
  • Exercises/activities to put what you've learned into practice in a real-world setting
  • Additional resources to help you achieve your objectives and overcome limiting beliefs in order to attain your full potential
  • Unlimited email support from me

Learn more about this coaching package HERE.

627.00 CAD

12 Months Unlimited Laser-Focused Coaching Package

There won't be chit-chat and "what's the weather like" kind of stuff. You will have unlimited access to private one-one coaching sessions with me for 12 months. Each of the 15-minute laser-focused sessions will move you closer to reaching the goals you set for yourself. Homework will be assigned to you at each session so you won't be left hanging between sessions. Yes, you can schedule as many times as you like as long as the homework assigned to you is completed. 

I stand behind my product and service. If you do not find our partnership is beneficial after the first 4 sessions, we will refund the payment you made, no question asked. 


5520.00 CAD