Do you hate your job but can't quit because you have bills to pay, mouths to feed?


Are you overwhelmed by what's going on in your life?


Are you feeling guilty for not spending quality time with your kids?


You are already at your maximum capacity, and now you are taking on even more! It’s time to find Change

And true, honest change - can’t be done alone!

You need to learn how to be different, more organized, more knowledgeable and find the space to give yourself permission to focus on what truly matters to you. 


"Christine is a compassionate individual who connects with people of all ages deeply and genuinely. It’s always easy to talk to her! Christine is devoted to her passion for supporting others to create a brighter future for themselves and this shows in every interaction we have with her. Her work with our clients has truly made a difference for them in dealing with life challenges." We are beyond thankful!”
"I can always count on Christine for a kind, supportive, yet thought-provoking word that just clicks for me. I find her energetic can-do personality really contagious! She has inspired me to try harder, to set my eyes higher, and to look at things differently on many occasions.” This has happened not only through words and reflection, but also through actions, and through bits of her own life story she has kindly shared with me."

“Thank you for all your help, knowing that there was someone who was supportive no matter my struggles and who didn't put my worth in doubt.”

"I have taken various therapy sessions before, but you are one of the very few individuals who seem to really care about your clients and want to genuinely help them."

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Tired of being pushed around? Do you feel "small" because your opinions don't matter?

Do you feel guilty for saying "no" to people?

I was there.


Assertiveness is more than just a communication style. Assertiveness is self-respect, it's to protect your dignity and allow you to be the true you!

The Art of Assertiveness: stand up for your rights will teach you how to communicate in an assertive manner so you can stand up for yourself and express your needs and wants without fear or guilt. 

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Hi! I'm Christine Cheung, My journey led me to work as a youth and family counselor in various settings, and I’ve since worked at school boards, mental health hospitals, group homes, CAS, and community centers! Read more...

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Learn how to create positive change by tapping into the deepest level of your mind - your unconscious mind. Click here to read more or download the e-book HERE.