ReDesign Your Life by Crushing The Limiting Beliefs


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Are you longing to break free from the pain and frustration caused by your limiting beliefs?

...And ready to learn how to build the life you know you DESERVE?

Isn’t it time to stop wondering when the hurt will stop and enjoy the FREEDOM that you deserve? To figure out how to let go of the inner obstacles that hold you back? To put the past in the past and move forward without these challenges?

 To dare to hope for a brighter future?

Truly joyful, happy people know how to take control of their life. They know the freedom that letting go of stressful limiting beliefs can bring. They know how to overcome the negative repercussions of limiting beliefs so they can move toward a life of joy. 

They are FOCUSED on positive actions. They avoid getting stuck in routines that make them feel like a failure over and over. And because of this, they thrive and enjoy more options in their life.

And yet, so often when we’re worrying about being stuck in a rut, we give up because we think it’s too hard to turn things around.

Past failures have hurt us.


...negative thoughts have made it hard for us to take a chance on something different.

...we don’t understand how we’re supposed to take control of our own success.


Do you believe that you can start moving forward toward your goals again? Do you have faith that, even though you might be stuck in routines that contribute to your lack of success now, you can bring true excitement back to your life? you know HOW to get past the challenges of your limiting beliefs?


Ask yourself…

  • Am I currently stuck in a world of failure?
  • Do I wonder if I’ll ever feel differently?
  • Am I doing all I can to turn my situation around?
  • Would my life be better if I knew how to overcome my limiting beliefs? 

From the time we’re young, we’re implanted with false ideas about what we can - or can’t - do. We think that success is just for those born into money or having certain talents.

False limiting beliefs like these:

  • “You’ll never be able to make your dreams come true. That’s just what they are - dreams.”
  • “You’re not smart enough.
  • “Others won’t like you if you’re successful.” 
  • “Once a failure, always a failure.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil.”
  • “It’s difficult to succeed.”

It’s all a big, fat lie!!!

We desperately want to rediscover the freedom we deserve.  We need to break through the boring routines that have kept us stuck in our pain. To figure out why we’ve lost hope for the future and how to get it back.

It’s time. 

We can’t let anything stand in our way of the freedom we deserve. 

We can’t let the challenges of our past stop us from moving forward.

But we don’t know how.

We’re held back by myths and routines.

But what if there were a solution?

A way to break out of our pain, understand how to leave the past in the past, know how wonderful we really are, keep the hope alive, and CONFRONT our limiting beliefs?

Now there is...


ReDesign Your Life by: Crushing the Limited Beliefs Online Course

The step-by-step process to go from frustration to freedom, conquer the routines that keep you stuck in your circumstances, discover how to triumph over your inner obstacles, and much more!

This powerful course contains 6 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to freedom. A journey of figuring out how to move past your limiting beliefs and overcome your inner obstacles to living a life of success. The content of the course is an integration of Neurolinguistic Programming, Habit Change Methodology, The Law of Attraction, Art Therapy, and Positive Psychology. 

"Crushing the Limiting Beliefs", will help you identify what limiting beliefs are, examine where these beliefs come from, and why it is important to eliminate them. I will share with you the 5 most common destructive limiting beliefs that keep most people from achieving all that they want to achieve, as well as specific action steps to take, and affirmations that will help destroy the limiting belief and replace them with new, and empowering beliefs.

Most importantly, this course will lead you on A journey to the successful life you deserve.

In this life-changing course, you’ll learn:

  • The EASY trick to stop the negative effects of your limiting beliefs
  • How to OVERCOME the myth that success is only for the few
  • How to ELIMINATE negative mental and emotional programming about what you can achieve
  • How to PREPARE yourself for a bright future
  • Techniques to MOVE from frustration to freedom
  • How to CRUSH your inner obstacles without adding to your stress
  • How to let your beliefs WORK FOR YOU
  • STRATEGIES to take control of your beliefs
  • And so much more!

This powerful journey could absolutely change your life.

When you stopped being held back by your habits, discouraged because you didn’t understand how to move past the limiting beliefs, and developed the fulfilling life you were DESTINED to have.

Enrol NOW if you want to ReDesign Your Life!

Your door to an exciting life free from the frustrations caused by your limiting beliefs.

The key to the cage has been given to you. You can either open the cage or throw it away.

It’s your choice. Will you be free or chained to your pain?

You could try to learn all of this on your own, but it would require hours upon hours of reading and research.

You wouldn’t have the guidance of an expert.

And you wouldn’t really know if you were making progress.

Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this life-changing journey

Which will it be?

Normally, live in-person workshops cost $500 to $1,000, and my digital courses like this cost over $299.

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You will also receive:

  • 7-Day Journaling Workbook
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  • 7 Steps to Crushing A Limiting Belief
  • Daily Self- Love Affirmations
  • "I CAN" Handbook
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Finally, you’re going to...


  • Let NOTHING stop you from letting go of the inner obstacles that hold you back
  • PURSUE the life you’ve been longing for
  • Overcome ALL the negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that have kept you stuck in a rut
  • FINALLY, learn to work through your limiting beliefs, so you can look forward to better times ahead
  • Learn what YOU can do to take control of your life
  • STOP putting it off and begin RELEASING your limiting beliefs today

Isn’t it time to embrace the happy life you deserve?

To enjoy the freedom you know you deserve?

The choice is yours.


Christine Cheung

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