Biography of Christine Cheung

Christine Cheung

Christine Cheung (Your Coach)is a certified personal development and relationship life coach, based in Ontario, Canada, with over 200 hours of coach-specific training. For the past 20 years of her coaching career,  Your Life Coach (Christine Cheung) is known for inspiring, empowering, and supporting people in developing skills and strategies to get "unstuck" from their current situation so they can reach their desired outcome, and become a better version of themselves, through one-on-one coaching. Her coaching clients have realized gains in all areas of their personal and business worlds including organization, accountability, focus, communication skills, self-development, and bottom-line financial success.

"Christine is a compassionate individual who connects with people of all ages deeply and genuinely. It’s always easy to talk to her! Christine is devoted to her passion of supporting others create a brighter future for themselves and this shows in every interaction we have with her.  Her work with our clients has truly made a difference for them in dealing with life challenges." We are beyond thankful! – Northwest London Resource Centre [NWLRC]

Aside from coaching, Christine Cheung has vast experience as a business owner, public speaker, writer and she supports families and young people with diverse backgrounds in building self-confidence and creating a brighter future. She also volunteers her time in speaking and running self-esteem and wellness workshops/seminars for organizations that support families and youth in need. Christine loves reading, walking in nature, and playing with her 2 cats – Sunday and Dusty.

Christine has helped a lot of people finding/identifying their passion, life purpose, and their strengths.

Through One-One Private Coaching, she helps busy people manage their stress, set priorities, and clear boundaries so they can spend time doing what matters most to them, through self-made practical steps, and guidance to ensure the final goal is achieved. "I believe no two individuals are the same and so the coaching strategies and steps should be either." 

 "Growing up I used to be shy and had low self-esteem, and found it difficult to communicate my thoughts. I was walking on eggshells all the time. Until one day I decided to take control of my life."

So I believe every individual has the ability to turn life challenges into opportunities to grow.

More about my story is to come...

Enough of me, I want to get to meet you, book a FREE coffee session with me. just like your usual hangout with your friends.

Christine Cheung

Why I Became A Life Coach

I used to have very low self-esteem and felt like walking on eggshells every day. I experienced domestic violence when I was young and later married to a man who was controlling. It was 2 weeks shy from our 18th anniversary when I got out of my nightmare marriage. I was a high school dropout with no job skills. But life didn't define me. In just 5 years, I accomplished more than I had done in my entire life, and I am proud of myself. I know there are many others struggling in finding their life purposes and directions. And some of them may not realize why they are not happy, or they don’t know how to get unstuck. That’s why I started my life coaching business so I can reach more people.

I want to help your get unstuck, live a life you deserve, not only to chase your dreams but to turn them into realities.

My Mission As A Life coach

To inspire and empower you to develop a positive outlook on your future and reach self-actualization, through the building of your Self-esteem, Self-confidence, and Self-worth. Using a proven strategy I will help you develop a self-tailored plan taking into consideration of your strengths, weakness, and needed area of improvement.

Christine Cheung
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